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Chania counts more than 5.000 years of history and historically a maritime crossroad of three continents. The plethora of points and landmarks of interest in Chania is vast and spread throughout the history of mankind. From the Minoan civilization to the Venetian era, the sociological and architectural heritage is vivid to this day. In prehistoric times, somewhere around 3.650B.C, this blessed land nurtured the erection of one of the three most important Minoan city/states, named Kydonia. Throughout the centuries, the name and status of the city changed many times. From Minoan Kydonia to Arabic Al Hanim, to Byzantine Chania, to Venetian LaCanea, to Ottoman Hanya and finally to liberated Greek Orthodox Chania, the rich and long history of the area of Chania is fascinating, and the testimonies are dispersed all around the wider area of Chania.

Chania is an enchanting destination which tantalizes all senses. Its main assets are the unparalleled natural landscape, to this day largely unspoiled, combined with the rich cultural heritage which is filled with colors, scents, flavors, music and most of all big and open hearts. The historical, natural, cultural uniqueness and abundance of Chania entices travelers and globetrotters all year round. This cultural melting pot is ceaselessly attracting people from every corner of the world, who wish to experience the essence of Crete and Cretan life. In this human mosaic of residents, locals, foreigners and tourists, everyone leaves their footprint with their personal story tangled in a web of human connections.

Chania’s international airport “Ioannis Daskalogiannis” is the sixth busiest airport in Greece. It receives domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki all year round, as well as seasonal direct  flights from many European countries during summer. The flying time from Athens to Chania is about 45 minutes. Services are operated by Aegean Airlines, Sky Express and Ryanair. Typically 56 flights run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance.

There is a frequent ferry connection between Athens and Chania all year round. Ferries depart from Piraeus port in Athens for the port of Chania almost every day. During summer, both day and overnight routes are carried out.

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Accommodation information

It is recommended to book your accommodation early, to ensure availability due to high season.
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Travel information

Travel by plane

Flight duration:
~55min from Athens
~1h 15min from Thessaloniki


The airport of Chania is located about 10km from the center of Chania and you can reach the city center via:

PUBLIC BUS (~2,5euro ticket) – you can book your tickets on the KTEL website by clicking here
TAXI – TAXI stand is located across the “Arrivals B” area.
CAR RENTAL – you can find more information by clicking here





Travel by boat

Travel duration:
~8h 30min – 12h from Piraeus, depending on the ship selected

You can book tickets from fare comparison sites like:



Or book tickets directly from the ferry companies:





The commercial and passenger port of Chania is the port of Souda, located about 7km from the Center of Chania and you can reach the city center via:

PUBLIC BUS (~2,5euro ticket) – you can book your tickets on the KTEL website by clicking here


VISA and Invitation letter

If you need a visa, make sure to apply for one well in advance. An official letter of invitation to attend the IACuDiT 2023 conference will be provided to the requesting participant. Conference participants must have registered and paid the required registration fees in full before requesting an official letter of invitation.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Greece provides detailed information on the countries requiring a visa and the points of the nearest Greek Embassy or Consulate.

For more details, please visit the website of the Hellenic Republic – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.