International Journal of Cultural and Digital Tourism

Inaugural editorial

Welcome to the  International Journal of Cultural and Digital Tourism (IJCDT), a refereed double blind peer-reviewed journal,  aiming to promote and enhance tourism research  by bringing together a wide range of academics and industry practitioners from cultural, heritage, communication and innovational tourism backgrounds and interests.

The journal is published twice per year (in Spring and in Autumn) by the non- profit  International Association of Cultural and Digital Tourism (IACuDiT) and strives to attract and engage an international readership that is not only  academic , but  professional  as well, since  as Lewin asserts ‘‘nothing is quite so practical as a good theory’’.

The International Journal of Cultural and Digital Tourism (IJCDT) serves the tourism community by the following means:

  • facilitates the interchange of scientific knowledge in cultural and digital tourism,
  • promotes and sponsors discussion, knowledge-sharing and close cooperation among scholars, researchers, policy makers and tourism professionals,
  • acts as a resource in forming public policy relevant to the tourism economics,  and related issues of public concern, such as gastronomy, wine tourism, sustainability, religion tourism and ICT applications in tourism , and many other issues regarding cultural heritage in a digital world,
  • promotes the science of cultural tourism by providing services as may be appropriate to advance tourism development and outcomes research and educational activities,
  • provides recognition of individual achievement in the field of cultural and digital tourism and outcomes research.


The future is a subject of enduring fascination – impossible to predict, yet necessary to anticipate. We want to help in the process of meeting the needs and travel demands of world populations if we are to swiftly move towards an innovative, sustainable travel culture in the years to come. For that purpose, we undertake the commitment to our members by listening to their needs, and by putting and keeping them in contact. We hereby invite you to work on issues related to our goals and to submit to the new journal your best work for publication for a robust, stimulating, and ongoing discussion.


Dr.Vicky Katsoni,

President of IACuDiT,

Editor-in –Chief