The Association serves the public interest by the following means:

  • provides a forum to facilitate the interchange of scientific knowledge in cultural and digital tourism,
  • facilitates and encourages communications among the research community, tourism professionals, and other research, regulatory, and educational groups, the communications media and the general public by educating public and private agencies on the usefulness of research in cultural tourism and tourism stakeholders’ outcomes assessment,
  • acts as a resource in forming public policy relevant to the tourism  economics,  and related issues of public concern, such as gastronomy, wine tourism, sustainability, religion tourism and ict applications in tourism , and many other issues regarding cultural heritage in a digital world.
  • promotes the science of cultural tourism by providing services as may be appropriate to advance tourism development and outcomes research and educational activities,
  • provides recognition of individual achievement in the field of cultural and digital tourism and outcomes research,
  • fosters career growth and the development of individuals involved in tourism and outcomes research and application of this research.

We aim to offer creative and novel projects, conferences and publishing activities, and we want to evolve constantly as we seek out and foster emergent developments. We offer a platform for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research and points of view and our challenge is to promote cultural tourism in a digital era, by bringing people together from differing countries.



IACUDIT is a non profit international association which values creative, ethical and progressive action aimed at the improvement of global hospitality and tourism research on cultural and digital issues. Our mission is to contribute to the paradigm changes needed, in order to achieve cultural tourism development on all levels. The digital era is suggestive of new possibilities and creates exciting horizons for future conversations with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings.